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About us


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Lightfoot Art Studio offers art classes year-round in a creative and welcoming environment. We explore techniques in drawing, painting, pastels, clay and mixed media. Private and group classes available starting from age group 5. Our class encourages students to develop their skills and confidence in fine arts. For us, every student is different, likewise teacher.

* Highly focus on basics and drawing techniques
* Identify the individual’s interest and enrich their talents
* Classes are designed to cater student’s interest and skills
* Explore other unique arts such as Manga, Warli, Madhubani, Tanjore Arts
* Participation at school and district level competitions
* Friendly and homely environment to kids.

About Saraswathi Ganeshan

Saraswathi Ganeshan, is an Indian visual art painter and commissioned artist, who resides in Dallas, Texas for the past 9 years. And proud owner of Lightfoot art studio.
Art has always been a passion for Saraswathi. From a very early age, she excelled at art. When she was 10, she won district and state level arts competitions in India. After getting her Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, she realized her true passion lie in Art, so Saraswathi went back to school and got a Bachelors of Fine Arts. As a qualified Micheals store art tutor and certified art instructor from Grambacher, she contributed more than 1000 hrs to community art events.
Saraswathi knew that she wanted others to experience the same level of passion that she had for the arts by enabling and empowering people to take their thoughts and ideas and bring them to life through the arts. Her passion and the idea of sharing her knowledge about the art, started to take shape as a personalized art studio.
With unique arts from all of the different cultures, Lightfoot Art Studio is a melting pot of cultural significance that brings history to life. One of the main styles of art that Saraswathi is passionate about is Tanjore paintings.
Tanjore painting was originated in Southern India in the 16 th century. The cultural significance of Tanjore art is with the dense composition, surface richness and vibrant colors and embellishments of semi-precious stones, pearls and glass pieces that further add to their appeal along with the relief work gives them a three dimensional effect. Her recent work in Tanjore Painting won BEST OF THE SHOW award from Irving art Centre for 2018, for Indian folk art competition.
At Lightfoot Art Studio, Sarswathi customizes each of her programs based on each person. She is able to work with adults and kids alike. She offers workshops in pottery, clay art sculptures, warli, Madhubani, Kerala Mural, and a lot of disappearing folk art of India.
If catching a glimpse of history through the ages or learning how to create pieces of your own, Lightfoot Art Studio right here in Frisco, Texas, would be more than happy to help you find your creative passion!

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